St Mary's, Westham
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Welcome to the Parish Church of St Mary, Westham. 

This is a historic church believed to be the first Church built by the Normans. 

Although we are proud of our heritage the thing that most characterises us is our love for the Lord Jesus Christ and our desire to see His Kingdom here on earth as well as in heaven. 

We believe the Bible to be the inspired word of God.  We encourage our congregation to come regularly around the Lord’s Table to be fed by word (teaching from the Bible) and sacrament (Communion or Eucharist)

We have many activities to help us grow together, ranging from home and study groups to social activities We pride ourselves in our welcome and would love you to visit one of our services.


Church (January 2021) - Closed for general use at present

Church Services resumed on Sunday 6 December, but closed again on 17 January.  The maximum permitted number in the Church at any time is 30. So if you arrive and there are 30 people already there, please wait outside until it is clear to enter. Please use the cleaning equipment and observe the no-entry areas. Take care when entering and exiting. There is only one door in regular use, but with glass on the inner door this should not be a problem.

You will notice that the Church looks quite bare as all books have had to be removed from public areas, and also notices and toys. Use of a kneeler is permitted within a 72-hour period. Currently social-distancing is 2 meters, but as you know the rules change frequently and I will email updates regularly.

Please remember to let me have names to add to the Prayer list, and do email us if you are unsure of anything regarding the Church.

If you know of people that are not on email please pass the news on.

  Frances writes:  

For anyone who doesnt want/ feel able to come to Church for whatever reason, I thought this looked nice.

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New Vicar appointed;
Revd. David Gillard


at the request of Wealden District Council
Communion Service 9:45 am
Sunday 17 January 2021
(Epiphany 2)

Readings and Prayers for 17 January
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Also thoughts for Epiphany 2 from
Frances Baldwin: see under this table.

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Thoughts for Epiphany 2 from Frances

These are difficult times to expect anyone to come to faith, in fact many may well have had their faith shaken, however it is important to remember how important the hand of friendship is at present. In this morning’s reading one needs to notice that Nathanael came to faith through his friend. Philip did not persuade Nathanael or coerce him into following Jesus, but shared his own excitement and invited Nathanael to see for himself. Philip did nothing more, Jesus did the rest, and as soon as Nathanael met Jesus for himself, he believed.

As Christians all we need to do is share our excitement about Jesus and invite our friends to as well, its just that at the moment, I feel we need to show our excitement in different ways, the last thing many people will want to see  or hear from is an ‘over the top’ Christian, it will seem irrelevant to many as they  suffer in body, mind or spirit. We need to share the life shown by Jesus, His promise to be with us until the end of time, His love for all whatever their origins, after all, what was said about Jesus was ‘can anything good come out of Nazareth.’ The answer, a resounding ‘Yes.’ Philip invited Nathaneal to come and see for himself.

Jesus can see potential in every person, to bring that potential to fruition, friends are needed to bring people to Jesus to Come and See. We are all called to tell others of Jesus and tell them to come and see, and that invitation would probably not be to a Church building, particularly at the moment, or a formal service. 

Suggest virtual services or groups, this year has seen different ways of sharing faith flourish, particularly when many Church buildings are closed. Most people have access to a phone, and the Church of England has setup the Hope free phone line for any who want to listen.

This may well be helpful for anyone feeling isolated and alone. I know a couple of people it has helped. And it doesn’t need a smart phone!

Today’s gospel reading invites us to think about how we communicate faith to others. Let us  pray that through Gods Holy Spirit  others may see in us what it needs to come, see and meet Jesus for themselves.

The number for the Daily Hope service is 0800 804 8044.