St Mary's, Westham
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Pancake Party 2018

Michael Powell
at St Mary's Concert
Pop-up Nativity 2017  

Building our crib
with the under 5s

Connected Youth Group
Bonfire Night

Light party 2017

Thanksgiving for loved ones who have died 2017

Boardgames and Desserts
Evening October 2017 while Storm Brian was howling outside

Churchyard clearing September 2017

Harvest Supper September 2017
St Mary's Festival of Flowers, Quilts and Local Crafts 2017

Our first
and Desserts

A meeting of old friends - monthly church cafe

Another family baptism, Marnie
with Mum, Dad, grandparents
and big sister

Palm Sunday 2017

Trudy, Angela, Yvonne,
Derek and Dan